Almost all our orders are placed online through our website or through Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Clients are from different places within and outside India, and we need to pack and send our merchandise. In that sense, we are an e-commerce business.

Most of you would have shopped online multiple times. Tell us this: Have you ever received the merchandise you ordered online in a plastic-free packaging? It is quite likely that you would not have. But in case you have, please let us know so that we can jointly congratulate them for thinking and acting one step ahead in terms of sustainability.

From day one, we, at DesiTude, have hardly used plastic for packaging. Most of the times it has been cloth bags and paper envelopes. We have taken a pledge now to avoid plastics completely. In this process we have also decided to touch more lives and be of use to more people by our existence.

Here is how we are doing it.

The merchandise you order is put in a cloth bag stitched by rural women from Karnataka. These women, who are otherwise unemployed, have learnt basic tailoring and stitch simple cloth bags for us. They have machines at home and stitch whenever they get orders. An NGO called Mythri Speaks connected us to them, and is trying to get them orders on a regular basis.

Our bags are stitched by five women from Hanchikuppe and two women from Kumbalagodu Gollahalli panchayats in Karnataka. Our cloth bag order help their households get some additional income apart from what their husbands earn. We would like to thank Mythri Speaks and Ms Sinu Joseph for making this happen.

The bag along with our merchandise is then wrapped in a piece of plain cloth and sealed by stitching. The address is handwritten directly on the cloth envelope, avoiding unnecessary use of paper and printing ink.

Ours is a modest packaging. We could have had nice cardboard boxes for packaging. But think about it… Are you going to preserve the box? Or even reuse it? You might enjoy the cardboard box packaging for few moments when you receive it and then you will simply throw away the box. Why to cut so many trees, consume electricity to make pulp out of it to make cardboard and then throw it off? We thought to not take lives of trees like this.

Packaging is important, may be as important as the product itself. But for us, it is not the style which matters, what does is sustainability. It would have definitely been cheaper and easier to have used plastic packaging but our priorities are different. Touching more lives and being earth-friendly is what is important to us.

Being Swadeshi is important, too. Hence our merchandise reach you doorsteps through India Post, a 150-plus-year-old institution.

Appreciate what we do? Please help us:

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