Most people think that Khadi is something which is reserved only for politicians, intellectuals, or old people. The main motto behind DesiTude is to break such perceptions that people have about Khadi and present Khadi in renewed and interesting forms which will attract them to this sustainable fabric. We want people to think of Khadi as something which can be fashionable, worn on a daily basis for every season and occasion.

We started off with Khadi Denim. Jeans made out of Khadi was something that was completely unknown to most people. Khadi denim is fun to work with. However, the best part was when young people who had hitherto not used a single Khadi garment in their lives were purchasing Khadi jeans for themselves. Jeans was certainly something that they could relate to. And once they experienced the comfort of Khadi they started buying shirts and trousers, too.  

We are now introducing Khadi wool, handmade in Kashmir.

Khadi is largely associated with cotton; light and airy, something that can be the best clothing for summer. With Khadi wool, the aim is to show that Khadi is not just a summer wear. It is to show how versatile Khadi can be, how warm it can keep you in winter.

From sheep reared in the pristine valleys of Kashmir, our wool is spun, woven and dyed by hand. Each of DesiTude’s woolens you see or wear, we want you to understand that it has passed many hands. We also want you to appreciate the labour of shepherds, men involved in shearing and cleaning the fleece, the dexterity of men and women in spinning and weaving, also that of tailors who have patiently hand cut and sewn the fabric to make these beautiful garments.

Having travelled in Kashmir, we have fairly understood the condition of people there. All the people we conversed with are unhappy about the events that happen in their state. ‘We are unhappy but we have no option but to live here. After all, this is our land.’ The roads are in shambles, the power situation even worse, and unemployment rife. Whatever product that comes out of the state is despite all of this. Not just our Kashmir woolens, but every product that is made in Kashmir and is used by people outside is a hope and confidence boost for our friends from the northern most state.

Shown below are pictures of DesiTude’s woolen blazer, long coat, waistcoat and shirt worn by theatre artiste Mrs Remya Valsala, photographed by Ms Anjali Gopan.

Our Khadi winter collection, like our denim and cotton collection, is made to order and measure, and is customizable. For further information and orders, you can contact us or WhatsApp +91 80727 66954.

Let us know what you feel about our winter collection in the comments section. 

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