Fabric Properties, Wash & Care

Our apparel are made out of hand-spun hand-woven hand-dyed natural fibres. Therefore, it is but natural that there will be minor variations in colour and texture. It is not to be considered as a defect. In fact, these visual imperfections make Khadi beautiful and truly unique.

Khadi fabric is lighter and has high breathability as it is woven by hand. This property of Khadi makes the wearer feel warm in winters and cool in summers. Khadi also has a high sweat absorption capacity.

Khadi has a natural tendency to shrink and lose colour. Shrinkage and colour bleeding happens most during the initial washes and, therefore, at DesiTude we wash the fabric multiple times before stitching. However, even after multiple prewashes there will be slight shrinkage and colour bleeding which is quintessential of the fabric.

For certain garments that are tie-dyed and block printed, dry cleaning will be required for the first few washes. Specific washing instructions for such garments will be provided in the information section along with other details. For longer life it is best to hand wash Khadi garments. If required, machine wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent, but tumble drying is to be avoided as it may break the fibres and the garments might lose their shape; line drying works best. Washing is to be done inside out, and for such colours that have a tendency to bleed more washing separately would be safe.

Like normal denims even for Khadi denims washing can be avoided completely! Instead of washing put them under the sun inside out. Let them breathe some fresh air, too. You may also spray some vinegar on them. Sunlight and vinegar help kill the bacteria and remove the smell of sweat. Also, once in a month the denims can be enclosed in a plastic bag and kept in the freezer overnight. Deep freezing also kills bacteria and removes the smell.