We have made our packaging completely plastic-free!

Almost all our orders are placed online through our website desitude.com or through Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Clients are from different places within and outside India, and we need to pack and send our merchandise. In that sense, we are an e-commerce business. Most of you would have shopped online multiple times. Tell us this: […]

Khadi Wool: Handmade in Kashmir

Most people think that Khadi is something which is reserved only for politicians, intellectuals, or old people. The main motto behind DesiTude is to break such perceptions that people have about Khadi and present Khadi in renewed and interesting forms which will attract them to this sustainable fabric. We want people to think of Khadi […]

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Hi, I thought this post might interest you: Photography with purpose: Breaking beauty stereotypes! Here is the link: https://desitude.com/photography-with-purpose-breaking-beauty-stereotypes/